Introducing Asmita Rajiv

As an artist I give myself permission to feel the emotions in their unabashedly crude form… however mortifying, jarring, infuriating or soothing.

These emotions have been deeply felt in the privacy of my heart and have manifested themselves, sometimes in steady streams and sometimes in tiny dew drops; sometimes as angry outbursts and sometimes as humbling warmth; somethings as numbing pain and sometimes as soothing balm.

As an artist, I give myself permission to be in all these states of being.

And from right here, right from this core, my art comes alive.

I hope that my paintings and poems befriend you, and in them, you find a silent reminder of your cherished values, hopes and beliefs.

I hope that even during times when I and my art stand alone, we stand together, unafraid and unwavering.

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Awards & Recongnition
Second Prize Winner of the 'Best Vienna Showcase Artist Award-2013'

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