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Joelle Dinnage, Director, Global Art Agency
Asmita was selected to be a part of the International Exhibition, "Vienna Showcase" because of the in-depth and concept of her artworks, as well as the vibrant colours and bold style. The inner thoughts and symbolism used in her paintings are very moving. A great talent that is inspired to change the world with her artworks. The visitors at the Vienna Showcase art fair agreed, as well as the GAA Guest Judge Werner Szendi announcing Asmita as the first runner-up for the Global Art Awards 2013.

Werner Szendi, Judge - Vienna Showcase
Asmita`s paintings have the potential to bring about a positive change in the world. There is a positive energy in her art and the messages conveyed in her paintings.

Manish Makhijani, Unilever
Asmita you are an inspiration to our generation. Not too many people have the courage to opt out of the rat race and follow their passion. Your paintings and poems reflect that passion & the deep human and cultural insights you have. We genuinely hope you get the recognition you deserve

Veronika Halford , 04-Dec-2017
It was a privilege to be part of Asmita's art, part of her life travel through emotions and thought. Standing in front of her paintings impacts you at very raw personal level, and it is hard to resist the pull into her story.

Marena , 04-Dec-2017
I was pretty much impressed by poems and paintings regarding the refugee thematic. My favorite one: the „LOVE“ paintings amd the wonderful poem about the first eye contact of two to each other attracted persons in a crowded room. Thank you to the lovely artist for explaining her work to us!

Toni & Kim , 04-Dec-2017
Thanks for the invite to your wonderful exhibition. Not only have we enjoyed the visual beauty of the paintings, but also the depth of the messages behind. Thanks for the private tour and best wishes for the future.

Martina Wildmoser , 04-Dec-2017
Great paintings! I very much like the idea of having a story behind each painting. Thank you for taking us through - very exciting work. Good look with your future work!

Alaknanda Passi , 01-Dec-2017
Absolutely stunning collection depicting various stages of life and emotions and a strong image of womanhood. lovely colour coordination in the new paintings and especially love the paintings expressing new love and romance.. wishing you all the best always.

Tanay , 01-Dec-2017
Hi mamma, Really good job on your whole exhibition and I hope that you have a good exhibition for all of the days. Can i get a raise on my money pls?

Ingrid Berger , 01-Dec-2017
I am touched by the depth of the paintings, their liveliness, their deep insights. Thank you for this uplifting experience

Barbara , 01-Dec-2017
thanks for providing a look out of grey office Friday right into ur heartfelt expression. Found my favourites... both in lyrics and painting, but still stick to the face with its big eyes looking at me.

Rupa and DHruv , 01-Dec-2017
Congratulations on a wonderful exhibition. The art is very touching and we were moved by the expressiveness, esp the refugee series. You depict a strong woman in all your work and it feels empowering. Thank you for sharing your emotions, values and courage!

Guilherme Pizzato , 01-Dec-2017
Very impressive paintings, full of emotion and feelings. I specially liked the Woman and the Man.

Andre Franciss , 01-Dec-2017
Great paintings! Make you really feel refugees' pain.

Atilla , 17-Dec-2016
This is an amazing composition which presents the children lives all around the world

Martí , 17-Dec-2016
I really liked the idea of the numbers behind the children. I love to see people trying to show things that are wrong through art.

Dan Skites , 17-Dec-2016
We were touched. Beautiful, but such a sad subject. We will have our daughter Alyssa Skites who started RefugArt in Barcelona get in touch with you

Juanra Jimenez , 17-Dec-2016
it's a hard reality that every one must know. Thank you for bring us your amazing point of view

Matt Hutnik , 17-Dec-2016
The story of the child-refugee, damage and loss of childhood is poignantly depicted through Asmita's combination of painting & poetry. The barbed wire which slowly encroaches upon the child throughout the progression of the series dramatically highlights both he turmoil of being separated by borders & a changing state of life.

Vicky , 17-Dec-2016
I'm deeply impressed by this story, it made me to go through everything that had to experience The Child of the story. Thanks for that kind of feelings, deep sadness and true that takes place in our world

Bosco , 17-Dec-2016
Great paintings !!! Great colours, really deep emotion... Congratulations

Hakima , 17-Dec-2016
Thank you for expressing the actual drama in such a poetic way.

Matilde and Saül , 17-Dec-2016
It makes you think about a better future where kids can be kids and don't lose their childhood so early

Natalia Artemidy , 17-Dec-2016
Thank you for your inner strength to show the most acute problem of our society. Mothers and children in your works are suffering but still beautiful. It is a great talent to connect in a painting a feeling, a colour, a beauty. Wish you a very big artistic future, dear colleague!

Joel Hyde , 17-Dec-2016
Very moving, a great idea being talked through each piece!

Ines y Tania , 17-Dec-2016
A small journey through the eyes of those who will inherit our world...Thank you for the reflection

Kasper Kommeren , 17-Dec-2016
Captivating work! Much appreciation of the green community ("Clinging Souls") as well as their golden brothers and sisters. I like the concept of a chronological series, how your work does not compromise to the setting. Good luck with future ideas, hoping to see more of you!

Raquel Segovia-Ramirez , 17-Dec-2016
Your work is so powerful, impactful and yet so intimate. I love the colors and the imagery. I can't wait to see more from you. Very exciting work.

Yane Meyn and Oscar Manriquez , 17-Dec-2016
We were very impressed by the beautiful sequences of such a tragic situation for so many children. It shows how sensitive Asmita is treating this story converting it into beautiful,touching art.

Carmen , 17-Dec-2016
I was astonished by the powerful message,colors and dreams from Asmita paintings!

Gayatri Choudhary, NY 2015 , 17-May-2015
What a beautiful concept, paintings accompanied with poetry!! I marvel at your talent, raising awareness of Social Issues through Art and Literature! Wishing you much success!

Kurt Benjamin , 27-Apr-2015
Asmita, It was an honor to meet a great fellow artist like you. You have beautiful energy and meaning behind your paintings and poetry. Please keep in touch and stay inspired. You are a powerful being. God bless. Your new friend, Kurt

cattleen benjamin , 27-Apr-2015
Such a pleasure to meet you. You art is so beautiful and inspiring as well as your poetry. So melodic and driven by love.

Elizabeth , 27-Apr-2015
Insightful, thoughtful, and relevant. Asmita has captured the essence of human existence. Fabulbous work!

mukti , 26-Apr-2015
Love your work and poems. Very inspirational.

Suneetha Malkani , 26-Apr-2015
Visited the Art Expo in NY yesterday. It's amazing to see Asmita's work in person, and hear her share the story that is weaved into each of her paintings through her complementary poems. Her feminine perspective touches the soul and inspires. The colors are a visual treat. As an artist, she has just begun her journey and is yet so accomplished! Wishing her the very best for her future work - the world needs artists like her!

Anna Enfried , 12-Sep-2014
Overwhelming...full of India. You bring light into darkness. Go on Asmita!

Arun, Eddy , 12-Sep-2014
Beautiful paintings...Classical Poetry!

Manisha , 05-Sep-2014
Awesome paintings and poems

Sameer K , 21-Mar-2014
Very good show on women empowerment

Kishore Hota , 21-Mar-2014
Quite impressed with the guts of the painter with her (MBA) background in mind and the awesome support of the CFO husband

Gulshan Chaudhary , 21-Mar-2014
Very nice and well self explained.

Shubhada Badhe , 21-Mar-2014
Paintings are very bright and faces are full of expression. Very nice.

B. L. Vaid , 21-Mar-2014
Artwork is wonderful and marvelous. Very good.

Akshay Krishna Dev , 21-Mar-2014
That's called real artwork. God bless you, Asmita.

Vikas Kapoor , 21-Mar-2014
Like the colours used. Nice poetry. Keep it up!

Anjlee Gupta , 21-Mar-2014
Like the concept of mysterious woman and maze painting, and of course, Nirbhaya.

Sudarshana Chakravorty , 21-Mar-2014
Absolutely gorgeous

Roomi Gilani , 21-Mar-2014
Very thoughtful work from our own daily lives.

Lt. Col K.P Nair , 20-Mar-2014
Wonderful work. Commendable. Each work speaks volumes of your imagination. You have wonders in your fingers & mind. God Bless.

Sandeep Kumar , 19-Mar-2014
Great paintings & poems. Excellent work. Keep it up.

Parul Kapoor , 19-Mar-2014
Great vibrant collection

Manjeeta Singh , 19-Mar-2014
Nice work.

Shenia Tahir , 19-Mar-2014
Awesome!! Kept us spell bound!

Mani Mayur , 19-Mar-2014
It was a special moment for me to see this work.

Nanju Tikhak , 19-Mar-2014
Very well expressed. Have depth & beauty both. Got new awareness in art from every aspect.

Prashant , 19-Mar-2014
Fantastic paintings. Colour execution is very good. Superb. No words to express.

Sarah , 19-Mar-2014
Amazing paintings. Very beautifully drawn & painted.

Nishant , 19-Mar-2014
Great Work!

Darpan Ved , 19-Mar-2014
Really liked the collaboration of painting with poetry. All the best.

Naresh , 19-Mar-2014
All work good!

Dr. A.S Firoz , 19-Mar-2014
Great ideas and strong commentaries on the state of our life time. All the best. Really loved the series Pinnnochios

Sweta , 19-Mar-2014
Wonderful use of bright lively colours. Seems like an ode to womanhood & her various relationships. Your drawings have a touch of Latino influence this time. Good work. All the best!

Ayushi Rastogi , 19-Mar-2014
Really liked your painting of mother and daughter relationship.

Madhvi , 19-Mar-2014
Amazing. Every poem add beauty to the painting.

Sachdev Ramakrishna , 19-Mar-2014
Well done.

Raman Singh , 19-Mar-2014
Very Soulful.

N. Venkatesh , 19-Mar-2014
Beautiful images, Lovely use of colours. Loved the paintings.

Seema Venkatesh , 19-Mar-2014
I love the vibrant colours & the quiet dignity of the women in your paintings, especially the eyes!

Aleek Sahi , 18-Mar-2014
Great work.

Aanchal Aggarwal , 18-Mar-2014

Baylie Trostian , 18-Mar-2014
Very inspiring, insightful. Just beautiful use of colour and light. Thank you.

Uday Jain , 18-Mar-2014
Nice works.

Ranvisas Kr Thakur , 18-Mar-2014
Great Work

Aruni Chhabra , 18-Mar-2014
Marvelous work.

Amitabh , 09-Mar-2014
The paintings are awesome and your poems on them conveys the whole concept with an impact...Best integration of two area is visible and is a good food for art lovers.

Anargha , 22-Feb-2014
Beautiful work. Speaks volume about your intellectual integrity.

Atul , 21-Feb-2014
Every painting has a thought and the thought touch my soul. These are paintings showing a realistic life

Neeraj Panwar , 19-Feb-2014
Awesome!! Really appreciate the way you manage to raise highly sensitive issues in your Art & poems in a very simplistic way.. Specifically Poems also make these special paintings more integrated to your own life..

Shilpa Gupta , 18-Feb-2014
Your work spoke so much to me. Nirbhaya told a legacy, Pinocchio told some facts, Puppets were so realistic and Step-child so alone. Loved it.

Jaanhavi Arora , 18-Feb-2014
I just love your thoughts and bright colours. Great Going.

Varsha Uke Nagpal , 18-Feb-2014
The paintings are very nice, thought provoking, realistic, and the poems compliment the thoughts behind the paintings. Both are really excellent. Keep it up!

Sunil Uke , 16-Feb-2014
Asmita has complimented all the works of art with poetry which touches the soul. The colour combination touches the heart. An excellent talent brought out in an array of colours of life. Congratulations. you have a long way to go in life.

Ruchi Jain , 16-Feb-2014
Asmita you really have done wonders. Excellent work, very well done. Congratulations!!!

Anurag Bhatnagar , 16-Feb-2014
A very impressive piece of work. The thinking behind the paintings is very intense. Like her use of colours and ideas.

Meenu Chandra , 16-Feb-2014

Nidhi Chanana , 16-Feb-2014
Hey Supermom, you are truly inspiring. The latest collection is amazing! Keep it going!!

Tina Anand , 16-Feb-2014
Awesome work. Loved all the poems. God Bless!!

Anjana Gupta , 16-Feb-2014
Beautiful paintings. Keep it up.

Nayantara Prasad , 16-Feb-2014
Thought provoking. Innovative idea to describe the art through poetry.

Priya Dhammi Sharma , 16-Feb-2014
Awe-inspiring work. More power to you. Please continue to put out such amazing and thought provoking yet beautiful work!!!

Sreeni , 16-Feb-2014
Very inspiring. Keep Going.

Amit , 16-Feb-2014
Wow!!! So thoughtful. Opens a new line of thought for me in art. Thank you.

Triloki Nagpal , 16-Feb-2014
Fascinating paintings and even more fascinating poetry.
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